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Trifinity Tetragram 04 Set of 2 (Jn 21:11-4371/4465) Dopamine Art, Abstract Prints - A4 (also available as A3/A2/A1/A0)

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Dopamine abstract  art, with its bold colours, and shapes, stimulates internal emotions, it makes you feel good, and even brings people together. 

Enjoy the journey of being carried into that 'other world' every day.  This is what the COMPLETELY abstract Trifinity Tetragram collection offers you.

Buy a Trifinity Tetragram today, and feel good everyday.

✔️ Trifinity Tetragram -The True Story 'beyond real pictures'

Please note, you are buying a high end print from the original artwork, and there is no picture frame included.

High quality paper, printer and inks are used by an award winning printing company, to create these stunning prints that you will confidently enjoy for many years.

✔️ 225gsm Matt fine art true multi layered paper 

✔️ Offering the widest colour gamut and very high ink loads.

✔️ Cockle free and scratch resistant paper.

✔️ Eco-Solvent non-water based inks that are not affected by water.

✔️ UV stable inks.  Good for outdoor as well as indoor use.

✔️ Printed on a Mimaki high end printer.

This abstract series is called Trifinity  (Trinity, Infinite), Tetragram ( the name YaHWeH as written with four Hebrew letters יהוה‎ transliterated as YHWH)  

The name and numbering system was inspired by my interpretation of the symbolic meaning behind the equilateral triangular number 153 found in John 21:11.  When two subsequent triangular numbers are added together they form a perfect square number.  And four distinctive radial shards are contained in the composition of each painting.

✔️ See YouTube vid: Triangle and Square Numbers Trifinity Tetragram